Thursday, April 1, 2010

siphon coffee making

Siphon brewing is one of the two big fads sweeping the specialty coffee world right now, along with pour-over coffee. Check out this New York Times slideshow where it's pretty clear that siphon brewing makes a massive mess (slide 6, for example). The traditional brewer uses a cotton hanky filter that must be carefully rinsed (after all the gunk is removed) and then steeped in hot water and then stored in the fridge in clean water until you use it again. Otherwise it grows mold.

We just learned recently from Alex Negranza ( that the Coffee Catcher fits the new siphons from Yama.  Here's what he posted, via his Twitter feed:
"Oh snap! A @CoffeeCatcher works with my Yama Syphon! Easy Clean Up! Best thing for cleaning glass coffee apparatus since microfiber towels!"
Great news, we love to learn new places we can help!

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