Tuesday, March 30, 2010

coffee without gimmicks

One of the things we feel pretty strongly about at the Coffee Catcher is keeping a clean filtration system.  And by "clean" we mean both literally (not a lot of mess) and also figuratively (easy for the average coffee drinker to use on a daily basis).  New coffee filtration toys are coming out almost daily and we keep trying them and hoping - really hoping - for something clean, easy, and satisfying.  But underneath it all, it seems that the new toys are still just...well...toys.

Siphon brewing is a mess to clean and requires you to keep a cotton filter immersed in water in a refrigerator so it won't mold....and it still gets brown.  Cold brew uses a cotton filter and takes 24 hours with a chemistry kit to brew.  Paper filters are, well, paper and that's chemex and aeropress, which we aren't thrilled to put in our coffee.  We can't help feeling that each of these hits on part of the solution, but doesn't get it exactly right.

Basically, each of these methods creates waste (cotton, paper) and also doesn't offer a very user-friendly brewer experience.  In fact, in a certain way they ostracizes the user by requiring an unreasonable amount of expertise and maintenance to use.  What happened to the relationship between drinker and brew?

We want to see people reconnect with their coffee.  It's time to really enjoy coffee's clean taste, and clean ritual without unreasonably high maintenance.  This is why we're joining the search with our coffee brethren, and developing equipment that will offer clean flavor and a clean experience, while reconnecting the drinker with their brew.  Check out the equipment we're developing, we hope it can help remind you why you first loved coffee.

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