Monday, April 12, 2010

gearing up for SCAA

So we're headed to SCAA in a matter of days. It's exciting and it's crazy.

Sometimes we think we're going to explode with all that's going on - here are a few of the fish we've got frying: Another batch of samples is en route for use at the booth (booth # 2731, be sure to stop by!) and posters are at the printers for a local Seattle coffee shop that's been using the Coffee Catcher for their clients.  On top of that, we're in this midst of a round of pre-SCAA meet-ups, introducing ourselves so people know to look for us at the show.

And the most exciting news of all is that we're adding two new team members to the Coffee Catcher crew, as well as having some excellent follow up conversations with our Coffee Catcher testers and tasters to see how our baby is performing in real life.

We're thrilled with how things are unfolding and also excited to keep things rolling into next month as production fires up.  People are excited to try the Coffee Catcher and we know they won't be disappointed!

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