Thursday, April 22, 2010

notes on a Victrola cupping

Nate Jones, co-inventor of the Coffee Catcher, at a recent cupping with Austin Bustad of Victrola Coffee (Seattle, WA):
I enjoyed tasting the Coffee Catcher difference on Victrola's production line equipment at the 15th Ave. location, using a metal press and a thermos. Austin and tasted an El Salvador that was fairly well-balanced.  Austin enjoyed the clean Coffee Catcher taste and was really surprised at how the coffee held up over time in a thermos. At 1 hour, he observed "this is exactly the same cup." After two hours, the coffee had decayed some, but not to the point where coffee would traditionally be at 1 hour, if that makes sense.  He's eager to try the Coffee Catcher again to explore coffee lifetime more specifically.
Also, we talked for a long time about coffee producers and the different trade arrangements made with them from country to country. Some countries, particularly in central America, have laws that make it easy for coffee farmers to work directly with outsiders. Others make it much more difficult. We both enjoy Indonesian coffees a lot, so perhaps we'll try Victrola's Sulawesi next time!

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