Wednesday, December 23, 2009

it's beautiful

Look at all those coffee grounds so cleanly removed from the carafe.

It's so beautiful.

We're on our fifth carafe of a tasty local roast and we can't stop shaking testing the product.

The Coffee Catcher final product sample

After months of beta testing, our invested sweat, tears, and coffee grounds are really paying off: The Coffee Catcher final product sample arrived this morning.

We're going to run a few tests to confirm that the product design is as perfect as we think, and then it's off to the production line for Coffee Catcher version 1.0.

Stay tuned for videos of product sample testing...

 Isn't that a sight for sore carafes?

Eco-friendly, renewable packaging for our French Press' new best friend!

 Big smiles and a warm welcome for the Coffee Catcher!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

unclogging the sink

We - Nate and John - were talking about some of our frustrations with the French Press sans Coffee Catcher, and the subject of coffee-ground-clogged-drains came up.  We've both had the defunct drain experience, thanks to our daily "rinse-n-go" carafe cleaning.  We can't wait to just put the grounds in the compost bin or trashcan and save our poor drains from more trauma.

The conversation did yield some interesting Tweets though.  They went something like this:
@Nate, Cost of a Plumber: $400
@John, Cost of a #CoffeeCatcher: $18.95
@Nate, You Decide.

Thursday, October 15, 2009