Monday, April 5, 2010

thoughts on sustainability

We think a lot about sustainability in the Coffee Catcher offices and we wanted to share some of the focuses we follow as we develop new products.  The Coffee Catcher, for example, was designed to clean a French press ef´Čüciently with less water. (In fact, it was designed largely in response to living in an area experiencing a water shortage.) In a one liter press, the Coffee Catcher can save more than a liter of waste water every time it is used.

Furthermore, the Coffee Catcher eliminates the problem of over-extraction and bitterness in French press coffee by removing dissolved solids from the brew. This allows the user to enjoy all the coffee in the press over a longer period of time than when using the Old Fashioned French press method. 

In addition, the Coffee Catcher is made of reusable stainless steel and is packed in recycled cardboard.  We're constantly looking for new ways to invest in sustainability, so we look forward to coming up with more ideas as we develop new products.

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