Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coffee Catcher Tasting at SCAA, 2010

In addition to exhibiting at SCAA, 2010 Coffee Catcher will also be conducting daily tastings in the main exhibition level cupping room.

We're pleased to be offering a variety of coffees from Herkimer Coffee and possibly some Water Ave. Coffee as well.  Also, we'll be bringing in coffees from our friends at SCAA to taste with the Coffee Catcher. nWe will compare the flavor and cup-life of traditional press coffee with coffee brewed with the Coffee Catcher, offering tasters a chance to experience the drink consistency we've gotten so excited about.

All three sizes of the Coffee Catcher will be on display in the Coffee Catcher booth (#2731), and booth visitors can enjoy tastings and lively conversation on the flavor and function improvements that the Coffee Catcher brings to the table.

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