Saturday, February 6, 2010

Whispers of a French Press

How does one choose a French Press?   Here's an excellent article, written by Jason Coffee for that details some key elements to consider when courting a new carafe:
"When looking at French Presses cost is dynamically connected to quality. I have found coffee presses on the internet for as low as $10. Once I received it in the mail however I was a bit surprised to find that it was flimsy, light weight and small. It did the job and the cup of coffee I drank tasted just fine but it only made enough for one cup and was not something that I would be proud to break out at a dinner party. So, If go cheap, you get cheap..."  read more...
We think that Jason Coffee raises some excellent points regarding French Press design.  Which brings us to our latest announcement: the brain team behind The Coffee Catcher currently have a new French Press design in the works!  As Nate, one of the inventors, describes it:
We're designing an all new French Press right now with the same attention to functionality that guided usas we developed the Coffee Catcher.  Jason Coffee [of] is right, you get what you pay for with a French Press.  We're looking to develop a press that consistently brews the best French Press coffe in the world through rigorous attention to the small details of the French Press experience.  People have been fiddling with espresso machines for years.  We think it's high time someone brought that same passion and attention to the French Press.
The new Press is scheduled to debut in the next few months, and our coffee beans can hardly wait!


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