Monday, February 8, 2010

does the Coffee Catcher improve flavor?

We've received quite a bit of feedback during tastings lately about how the Coffee Catcher positively affects flavor.  We at the Coffee Catcher know this isn't by chance - there's a very good reason why.  In order to help explain the technical reason behind the flavor advantage, here's a great analogy from John Custer, co-inventor of the Coffee Catcher:
"You don't squeeze the last few drops out of your teabag when you're brewing, do you?  That stuff is over-brewed and nasty.  Well, the Coffee Catcher creates a drainage space for those drips of over-brewed coffee underneath your grounds and then the solid construction of the Coffee Catcher coupled with the extra compressed cake of grounds keeps these drips from getting into your drink when you pour."

Or, for your visual learners out there:

And all of this adds up to mean "better tasting coffee".

Fact is, many French Press users don't bother drinking the last half of their press pot because the coffee is already over-brewed and has become bitter.  And it pains us to think of all that beautiful coffee being dumped down the drain and never enjoyed.  With the Coffee Catcher you can enjoy your entire pot, because the over-brewed tail at the bottom is kept separate from the part that goes in your cup.
  1. Less wasted coffee brew (check!)
  2. Fewer wasted grounds (check!)
  3. Less money spent on beans (check!)
  4. Better tasting coffee (check!)
This is worth celebrating.

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