Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Coffee Catcher is a Perfect Fit!

We are tickled pink to announce that testing is complete and the results are in:  With three size models to choose from, The Coffee Catcher fits all major brands of French Press! (See which size fits your Press...)

We had already tested the Coffee Catcher with most major brands, the only remaining one being the IKEA French Press.  So, in the spirit of data collection, inventors John and Nate boarded a bus in downtown Seattle for the one hour ride out to area's nearest IKEA location.  There they were able to obtain an IKEA French Press.  Size testing concluded that the IKEA French Press fit perfectly with the Coffee Catcher!

So, if you were worried that the Coffee Catcher might not work for your Press, fear not!  We offer equal-opportunity Pressing.

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