Monday, February 22, 2010

heard it on the Tweetvine

Our new favorite French Press mentions in Twitterdom:
"all this coffee talk is making me rethink my position on ownership. *hmmmm* my hubz wants a frenchpress. All I think is clean up X"
Coffee Chroniclers say: Ha!  Cleanup's not a problem anymore, let him get his French Press (+ Coffee Catcher), you'll love the flavor!

"Give me ONE GOOD REASON I shouldn't turn this into a 2-French-press morning, huh?"
 Coffee Chroniclers say:  We don't see any good reason why it shouldn't be...

"Coffee addiction taking hold.  Bought a Frenchpress Sat. I am excited to go to bed tonight so I can wake up to it."

 Coffee Chroniclers say: Welcome to the wonderfully delicious & rewarding "dark side". Enjoy your press!

"In Ecuador regular coffee is called 'pasado.'  La Sierra only drinks cinnamon tea. We packed a French Press along with the first aid kit"
 Coffee Chroniclers say: A wise traveler is a well-caffeinated traveler.

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