Tuesday, February 16, 2010

barista comments on flavor

Who better to review the Coffee Catcher than professional Baristas in Seattle, the coffee mecca of the United States?  So, with the goal of seeing what the coffee-slingers had to say, we hit the streets armed with a French Press and a Coffee Catcher.  Here's some feedback from the coffee virtuosos, themselves:

From Trabant Coffee in Seattle's Pioneer Square, Tom commented, "It saves time", candidly summing up the Coffee Catcher's effect on the French Press routine.

Eric at Seattle's Cafe Ladro on Union St. really enjoyed tasting the difference the Coffee Catcer made to his French Press brew.  "It's a whole new experience, I've never tasted anything like this" he commented as he savored the possibilities in a longer lived cup.  And we take it seriously when this 40 year coffee veteran exclaims, "why didn't anybody think of this before?"

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