Friday, January 29, 2010

The Story of Two Inventors...

You may be asking, "who are these guys behind The Coffee Catcher?"  Well, here's a little introduction to John and Nate and the history behind the latest evolution of French Press coffee:
"The story of the Coffee Catcher is one of two friends with a passion for coffee and problem solving, who eventually put their interests together and discovered a business.


It began in 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand where John and his wife were living in a great apartment with bad water pressure. Disposing of the grounds from his French Press in the kitchen sink wasn’t possible, so John resorted to dumping his grounds, teaspoon by teaspoon, into the trash. Back in Seattle, Washington, his friend Nate’s solution was quicker and nastier — head for the bathroom and send 'em down the toilet. All of them loved the full bodied punch of french press coffee, but the morning ritual was losing its charm.

"John started dreaming of a better way to clean out his grounds, and sent some initial scribbles to Nate. Nate loved the idea but promptly pooh-poohed John's design. Eight weeks later, after days of sketching and Skype conversations and weeks of managing prototype development in a basement, the Coffee Catcher was born."
Really, we like to think of this whole story as the start of a revolution - a finely-roasted, aromatic, and full-bodied revolution that perks up everyone's French Press ritual.

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