Wednesday, January 20, 2010

in honor of our new Twitter feed

In honor of our new Coffee Catcher Twitter Feed, we're posting some of the French Press Tweets seen today: 

  • Wonderful news (at least for me) my coffee pot broke this morning.  That means I get French Press.  Mmm.  Simple tastes best.
  • Haha! I broke my full size Frenchpress recently...this single serving press is torture!

  • arghghg i broke the damn frenchpress...which means i got to go to target today

  • GRRR! I broke the carafe to my coffee maker. Thank god, I still have my French press to make coffee in.  Crisis averted.  Good morning!

  • argh i just broke the glass part of my frenchpress. it was my bestest friend
  • My xbox truly seems dead, same week as I brokemy French press.  Bad week for my addictions.
Hmmmm, The Chroniclers wonder how many of these carafes were broken while removing the coffee grounds...

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