Sunday, January 24, 2010

coffee Tweets, round two

We simply can't resist sharing these coffee mentions coming through the Tweet vine:
  • I've been saving so much $ with a French press andcoffee beans. Now, I just need someone 2 exercise for me.

  • just created a coffee timer app so I know when the french press is done!

  • Ah, coffee, stuff of the gods.  I do so love myfrench press.

  • having coffee in my lovely French press, handpainted bone china demitasse...aristocratic but poor...Starbucks cannot touch me! style my dears

  • made french press coffee for the first time ever.  Wow, this is good!  This is even using 2 month old groundcoffee.  Auto drip FTL.

  • Fire up the french press and begin the invocations - COFFEE!  COFFEE!

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