Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why French Press Makes Better Coffee

We came across the blog,, which is written by the CEO of a start-up coffee roasting company.  Naturally, his post, "Why French Press Makes Better Coffee" caught our attention.

In the post he echoes several of the reasons we love the French Press.  Here are some highlights from the many good points he details:
"The french press gives you more control over the brewing process. You get to choose how hot you want the water to be when you pour it in....With french press, you’re in total control over water temperature and its contact with your ground coffee beans.
"Using a french press...essential oils [from the coffee beans]...make it into your cup. After the coarse ground coffee is steeped in hot water, the plunger that is slowly pushed down has a metal mesh small enough to catch most of the coarse coffee grounds, yet big enough to allow the coffee oils to pass through and ultimately make it into your cup.
"Most experts would agree that the french press is one of, if not the best way to taste the subtle differences in roast profiles in coffees from around the world."
 In addition, Ken, the coffee CEO goes on to pinpoint the drawbacks of using a French Press:
"A few drawbacks to the french press method are the cleanup involved and the sediment that’s left in the bottom of your cup."
(Both of these problems are solved with the Coffee Catcher...)

We firmly agree with Ken when he says,
"French press coffee may be a bit more work than other brewing styles, but the resulting cup is worth it."
Fact is, the flavor yielded by a properly-managed French Press experience is nonpareil.  We love the ritual of the Press and are so excited to be part of an evolution of the French Press experience.

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