Monday, March 1, 2010

a shout out from Slayer Espresso

Our team is all a-twitter after the Coffee Catcher receiving a shout out from Slayer Espresso in their Twitter feed.  After making us blush with the accolade, "A LESS MESSY FRENCH PRESS",  they later expanded their compliment to include, "Ease of clean-up & improved flavor!!!"

We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

If there's anyone who knows about coffee quality, it's the Slayer team. Slayer's inventors are seasoned espresso machine designers who developed the Slayer in their quest to build the perfect espresso machine. The Slayer is notable for it's precise thermal management (so that water temperature and pressure is consistent for each shot) and for it's manually timed pre-infuse setting, which allows steam to gently saturate the espresso puck prior to the actual pull. This pre-infusion step allows Slayer baristas to pull longer shots that extract more flavor and tasty dissolved solids from the espresso puck before over-extraction occurs. There are only 40 Slayers in the world, so your local cafe probably doesn't have one yet! Still, Slayers are spread from Sydney to Seattle, so there's a good chance you can go coffee touristing and find one within a few hundred miles.

For you Seattle residents, the local Slayer locations are: Zoka (Kirkland), Equal Exchange Espresso (Ballard Market, coming soon) - let us know if you find others!

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