Monday, March 15, 2010

Coffee Catcher and grounds

So, the question was recently asked of us: "Will the Coffee Catcher hook work if I use a lot of grounds in my French Press?"

The answer is yes!  We recommend aligning the catches of the Catcher Disk so that they line up with the handle and spout of your French Press.  That way, it's easy to hook into the catches on the Catcher Disk even if they are hidden beneath a heavy batch of coffee grounds!  We've designed the hook and catch precisely so that the two will connect solidly, yet be easy to find by feel.

Plus, lining up your Catcher Disk with the handle and spout of the French Press maximizes the disk's ability to capture and retain the bitter, over-brewed coffee tail at the bottom of the press. The bitterness stays trapped in the carafe and only delicous coffee goes in your cup.

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