Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blog Highlight: "The Average Seattleite"

I'd like to start this short week by pointing out an interesting emerging coffee blog on the Seattle scene. Michael Frank, a local SPU student, is making the rounds of Seattle's coffee shops, Disloyalty Card in hand.

I found Michael's writing to be refreshing, upbeat and frank. His reviews go well beyond the annoying "no outlets by my seat!" type and are satisfyingly focused on the coffee served. It's also refreshing to see someone blogging as they go - and as they learn. Reviews up so far include Aster, Trabant, and Fonte. Before Michael discovered the Disloyalty Card, he also covered Bedlam and Roy St.

Disclaimer: Michael Frank also mentioned the Coffee Catcher in an early post about learning the French press at our recent launch party. Always glad to see new FP fans!

Keep up the good work Michael! Looking forward to reading more reviews soon...

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