Monday, June 14, 2010

The Adventures of The Coffee Catcher!

In a recent fieldtrip, Nate Jones visited Mark Barany of Kuma Coffee, where he had the opportunity to observe the coffee bagging and delivery process (...a lot of fun from what we hear!)  Afterward, they had some time to brew a few French presses, which gave the Coffee Catcher a chance to shine.  In Nate's words
"  Fantastic Guatemala Il Injerto, huge body, streaks of blueberries, maybe a hint of cinnamon? Sweet and syrupy. [Mark] tastes this coffee all the time, and he thought it was one of the best presses he'd ever had of it."
The great flavor caught Mark's attention, and it looks like we'll have at least one Kuma Coffee present at the French press competition on June 18th.  We're looking forward to seeing how Seattle's various coffee experts use the French press.

...On a side note, Nate's homecoming after meeting with Mark was less-than-ideal.  Apparently, that morning while rushing to deliver coffee to his wife, Charity, Nate accidentally left the Coffee Catcher sitting in the compost container with the grounds.  Later that day Charity dumped the whole compost - including Coffee Catcher - down the 5 story garbage shoot.

Upon arriving home, new Kuma coffee in-hand, Nate hurried to brew some of the outstanding roast for Charity...only to discover they were short one Coffee Catcher!  It was bad.

Needless to say, within 5 minutes both of them here were downstairs making a valiant trash-diving effort, searching for the missing item (...we'll save you the more gruesome details).  Finally, the Coffee Catcher was found.  Back upstairs and thankful to be reunited, the disassembled Coffee Catcher was soaked in Visions' phosphate-free coffee cleaner and boiling water for 15 minutes before running it through a cold rinse.

The heroic rescue efforts were rewarded with a fantastic brew of Rwanda Abakundakawa.  Apparently, the Coffee Catcher's thorough cleaning removed all silt buildup and emphasized the the spice and fruit notes in the Rwanda admirably!

While recounting the tale Nate added, "We're thinking of calling the coffee catcher "The Precious", after Gollum."

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