Thursday, December 16, 2010

Introducing: The K165 Siphon Filter!

Almost as soon as Alex Negranza posted his Coffee Catcher siphon hack, we were asked when we'd be producing a filter for the 3 cup vac pot.  

The answer is now!

In order to fit a variety of siphon diameters, we decided to develop a filter fitted to the glass throat of the brewing chamber, which is the same size in most siphons.  We asked some vac pot geeks to help us pick an ideal mesh size, and they settled on our K165 mesh because of it allowed oils through easily while still offering a clean cup.  

The K165 is single-layered so coffee flows easily through the filter during draw-down.  The filter is folded tightly and stitched with non-tarnish Argentium silver around the frame.  As a final step, we crimped the edges of the mesh to ensure a perfect seal against the glass lip of the siphon.  It's worth noting this mesh is even finer than our Coffee Catcher mesh, so it offers an even cleaner cup than the Coffee Catcher siphon mod.
It's a clean seal!

One product tester summed up his experience this way: 

"The filters are excellent, the 165 in particular.  We used Ecco's Yirg, which popped even though it's a week post roast.  I liked it at 17 grams, ground to 18 on a Virtuoso, heat off at 0:45, temperature 91-92 C, simple quick stir at beginning and end. ... We loved how crystal clean the 165 was. Oils were gloriously there, but there was also flavor clarity.  A tiny amount of fines would make it through but when pouring we'd just leave them in the bottom globe."

We're excited to let this one out into the wild so all you geeks can start to experiment!  Check it out over at Kaffeologie.  If you're a blogger, drop us a note if you'd like to review one.

Happy brewing!  And thanks to all you folks who kept asking us to develop this.  It was a blast... :)

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