Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Coffee Question of the Month

Here is a question that keeps bugging me.  I can't come up with a satisfying answer for what I'm tasting.

What is going on with this double catcher extraction? Separating the bed from the brew for 3/4 of the  brew cycle seems like madness.  Yet the coffee tastes better.  Brighter, crisper, with a distinctive silky body.  Is the catcher somehow dispersing the bed evenly as it is pulled at the 3rd minute?  This was previously suggested to me, but I'm not sure that dispersion at 3 minutes is a sufficient explanation.  For one thing, a significant part of the bed doesn't disperse, but stays happily atop the bottom Coffee Catcher.

Is it something to do with the final pull of the bed through the mixture at 4 minutes?  That seems a bit late.

I don't have a good explanation.  And I certainly can't account for two tantalizing clues: First, after pulling the first Catcher, the foam at the top of the press looks white, not coffee-colored.  Second, the bed consistently reeks delicious floral / perfumey aromas AFTER the brew.  If you don't think this is weird, sniff a bed from traditionally-brewed French press coffee.  

For those who missed out, here are a few videos: the original guide, plus a clip of the extraction in progress and an extended tasting.

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