Monday, August 23, 2010

N’Orleans Coffee Comfort in Seattle

One of the perks of launching a new product (cue: The Coffee Catcher) is anticipating the day when a stranger on the street starts telling you about “this handy new gadget” they discovered - and you wait a couple extra seconds to tell them that it’s your gadget and yes, you agree that it’s handy.

That day arrived recently for one of our Kaffeologie cohorts as she visited Seattle’s new Creole-style soul food truck,“Where Ya At Matt?”  Alongside their (delicious) Po’ Boy Sandwiches this mobile-eatery features made-to-order beignets doused with a healthy amount of confectioner’s sugar.  Of course, as a native of New Orleans owner Matt Lewis knows that beignets aren’t complete without the proper brew.  Enter Herkimer coffee.

Thanks to Scott Richardson at Herkimer, WYAM is brewing up a smooth yet fierce cup of coffee that, sitting next to a bag of beignets is enough to make you homesick for New Orleans - even if you’ve never been.  We tried sipping the coffee black and also doctored it up cafe au lait style - both ways it’s delicious mellowness finishes with a bit of bite.  (The bite is really what makes the brew fit so perfectly next to the beignets’ sweetness.)

Delicious beignets. Photo from Seattle Met.

Naturally when considering coffee + New Orleans, the French Press came up in conversation...and it was only moments until: “Have you heard about this new gadget...”

Oh yes.  Yes, we’ve heard about it.

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