Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A "Sprodown" is in the works!

 We're excited to announce that the Coffee Catcher launch event on June 18th will be part of an epic coffee weekend featuring Why Not? Coffee's Sprodown on June 19th.  (Wondering what a "Sprodown" is?  Check out their explanation of the term.)  Visions Espresso will play host to both events, and it promises to to be a highly caffeinated engaging weekend of coffee competition and consumption.

Here is the Why Not? Coffee Sprodown press release: is planning an event geared to bring together coffee professionals and enthusiasts alike to showcase espresso excellence and the craftsmanship that goes into the perfect shot of espresso. This is to include baristas, trainers, roasters, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, and of course, our coffee consumers. By bringing baristas together without the pressure of a traditional competition format, we can provide a greater learning experience, hands-on training, and a relaxed environment to do something that all coffee enthusiasts and professionals enjoy: drink exceptional coffees.

The "Sprodown" portion of the event will include baristas to be given a set amount of time to dial in the espresso of their choice on various espresso machines provided by equipment sponsors. They will have an "Espresso Assistant" to help as a second palate as well as a colleague to provide advice
and support. Baristas will then submit a description of the coffee to the "Espresso Assistant" for later use.

Baristas will then serve their 'spro to the "Showcase Evaluators" whenever they choose, as long as they are served within the set time (i.e. 20 minutes.). The evaluators will be a panel of unbiased Pacific Northwest coffee professionals. During a showcase, we encourage baristas to share their coffees with as many attendees as they wish; just as they would on their own coffee bar. 

After a showcase is over and a barista's on bar has expired, machines will be cleaned in preparation for the next barista. The previously submitted descriptors will be private and only shared with the evaluators in order to help decide coffees deserving recognition.  We want to support and award those baristas that showcase coffee excellence with specialty coffee, barista tools, and brewing equipment.  Sponsorship is being sought for these awards; as well as small wares, cleaning supplies and other showcase related necessities.

More details to be released on this event at

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